Best Laser Hair Removal System for Women on a Budget

best laser hair removalIf you’re considering purchasing the best laser hair removal system, finding the right one for you and your skin tone and hair color will definitely take some research, especially if you’re looking for an affordable hair removal system that fits your budget. Here is the definitive guide to the best permanent hair removal devices on the market and what you need to look for in order to narrow down your choices.

With the warmer months comes an increase in sales for these devices as women get fed up with the time consuming process of shaving their entire body on a daily basis. Laser and IPL treatments promise longer lasting results than shaving and even waxing and they’re definitely not as irritating to the skin or painful.

But it can be difficult to know which system can really deliver and which ones to steer clear of. Often, many consumers fail to do a little research in regards to which models received positive or negative consumer feedback and instead opt for the most expensive model, automatically assuming it’s the best.

For many women, the promise of permanent hair removal is compelling and once it’s done it’s one big task you can cross off your to do list for several weeks or months at a time. But many consumers fail to take the time to read consumer reviews and instead dive right in and hit that buy now button.

These home systems were invented in an attempt to bring the results of in office procedures to the comfort of your home and at a much more affordable price.

While price can definitely reflect the quality of a product, it’s not always the case and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find some of the most effective systems we reviewed are offered at a much lower price than what you can expect to pay for just a single laser hair removal treatment at your dermatology office or salon.

Laser Hair Removal System Buying Guide

hair removalHome laser removal systems have become increasingly effective and affordable, making expensive trips to the salon unnecessary for people who are willing to try these treatments at home. The savings can actually be pretty impressive. As an example, professional treatment can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $2,000 per treatment for one area of the body.

However, home systems can cost two to five hundred dollars and are FDA approved or cleared. Many of these systems cause minimal pain and are simple to use.

If you’re doing your research on the top selling models, there are a few things to keep in mind. Contrary to popular belief, laser hair removal will take some time to be fully effective. It will require repeated treatments every two weeks over a period of three to six months. Also, the hair removal process may not ever be complete, however, over a period of several months it will be upkeep will be minimal.

This type of treatment is designed for the bikini area, legs, arms and underarms. It’s not typically considered safe for the genitals, breasts or face. However, there are some models that can be used on the face and other sensitive areas so be sure to check this out on a model by model basis before you buy.

During treatment you may feel a warming sensation, however, home IPL and laser devices provide only a minor heating sensation. Should you notice any redness this should be resolved in just a matter of days and will not cause any permanent damage to the skin.

Each treatment section can take some time. You’ll need to treat small sections at a time using a kind of overlapping pattern, so it can take a while to treat a leg. Some consumers recommend creating a grid of sorts on your legs in order to avoid over treating areas.

With a home laser hair removal system, your hair color will matter. Dark hair has more pigment, which is something that the laser will target in order to disable the hair follicle. If your natural hair color is black, dark brown or dark blond, then you can use any model of laser hair removal device. But the bad news is, if you have light blonde hair, red hair, white hair or gray hair, all of which lacks melanin pigment, then most of these devices won’t work for you. Because fair hair colors lack the type of pigment that conducts light in order to target the roots of the follicles, these devices will be virtually useless and your best alternative will be waxing or hair removal creams.

Next, you’ll need to determine if your skin tone is compatible with a device. The laser’s light energy or intense pulsed light devices works by heating the hair follicle’s dark pigment in order to disable the root, but leaves light skin tones unaffected. Because of this, these devices will work best on lighter skin tones.

With darker skin tones, there’s a lot of dark pigment in the skin itself that can end up confusing the laser which may end up heating the skin instead of the hair.

Most devices treat about six different skin tones, which you can find listed on each manufacturer’s website. This can help you to determine if a model will work for you. In order to avoid skin damage you’ll want to be very careful about using one of these systems if you have a darker complexion. Unwanted skin reactions can include issues such as permanent or temporary skin darkening or skin lightening, blisters, burns or increased redness.

What about IPL treatment issues? Skin tone compatibility is also a serious limitation. With IPL devices, follicles will only absorb light when there’s a distinguishable contrast between the skin and hair, making a person with light to medium skin the ideal candidate. If you have light hair or dark skin, then you shouldn’t bother with IPL hair removal. At worst, you can suffer serious injury and at best, it won’t work at all.

Before you use an IPL device, take a look at the instruction manual, which should come with a handy color diagram for skin types, detailing which complexion type is suitable to treat. Before you dive into a session, we recommend doing a small skin patch test first. If the device detects a dark skin tone it will lock and will not emit a pulse. You also won’t be able to use it on nipples, areas of skin that are tattooed or the ears.

Some manufacturer’s also note the risk of some health and medical complications when using both types of hair removal therapies, so be sure to read the user’s manual before you begin treatment. You should not use laser treatment on moles, wrinkles, areas with excess fat and scars. Some medications can also make your skin more sensitive to light.

Laser hair removalMost manufacturers will recommend treating the desired area once every couple of weeks. You should expect about a sixty percent reduction in hair growth for a few weeks after the initial treatment and more reduction with each session. Most consumers end up doing a total of eight to ten treatments and do so more frequently than every two weeks. In fact, most consumers reported that they used the treatment weekly for faster results, but ultimately this can lead to skin irritation, causing you to postpone ongoing treatment for a few weeks until the skin has healed.

Each device will feature either an audio, visual or audio/visual combination alert that will tell you when to move the device to a new area of the skin, so there’s really no guesswork here. Basically, these do it a home systems really are foolproof and make the entire process pretty simple.

And just like with any laser treatment at any dermatology office, you’re bound to experience an uncomfortable sting that accompanies these alerts, but most consumers were not bothered by the pain.

Intense Pulsed Light versus Laser Home Systems

Both laser and intense pulsed light hair removal devices can get rid of unwanted hair. These two methods are very similar, however there is at least one clear difference: laser treatments use a laser while IPL treatment does not. Instead, IPL will use light to destroy hair follicles. Laser treatments and IPL use two different types of technologies and both types are branded under a variety of names by different manufacturers and often come equipped with unique features. But one thing these technologies do have in common is the manner in which they rid the body of hair. Both work to generate heat which is what burns and damages the roots of hair follicles. This can cause a noticeable burned hair smell and can cause the skin to feel and look like it has a light sunburn after treatment.

Due to FDA rules, home hair removal systems are not allowed to claim that they can permanently get rid of hair. This simply means that there isn’t enough evidence to prove that IPL and laser hair removal can remove hair permanently. Both of these methods have not been around long enough to prove these claims, but many consumers claim on average that hair is removed for a minimum of six years, after several weeks of treatment. Even if life-long results are not guaranteed, many women still turn to laser and IPL hair removal because the idea of getting rid of unwanted body hair for an extended period of time is more attractive than the need to shave daily.

When it comes to which type of technology is better for long term hair removal, it will ultimately vary from person to person and will depend on skin tone and hair color and thickness.

Making the Right Choice for Top Hair Removal Systems

Regardless of whether you go for an IPL model or a Laser system, you can expect to spend about four or five hundred dollars. Most of these high quality products feature a warranty of sorts and a thirty to sixty day return option should you discover the device isn’t right for your skin tone. Of course, in order to avoid running into the whole exchange or return process you can easily take a look at what consumers had to say or view the skin tone charts and product restrictions and limitations in order to find a model that will work perfectly for you.

Laser Hair Removal Device Comparison Chart

tria-beauty-hair-removal-laserTria Beauty Hair Removal LaserLaser system

Significant reduction in hair in just three months

FDA approved

Skin Tone Sensor

Multiple power levels

braun-gillette-venus-silk-expert-ipl-5001-hair-removal-systemBraun Gillette Venus Silk Expert IPL 5001 Hair Removal SystemIPL system

Significant hair reduction in as little as a month

Skin tone sensor


FDA approved
remington-ilight-pro-hair-removal-systemRemington iLIGHT Pro Hair Removal SystemIPL device

FDA approved


Uses flash cartridges

Features a variety of light levels

Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser Review

tria-beauty-hair-removal-laserThe Tria Beauty laser hair removal system is a product that’s FDA approved and designed to eliminate hair growth in just a matter of weeks. The laser works to destroy hair follicles by targeting the melanin pigment in hair. This effective treatment can significantly reduce hair growth safely and in the comfort of your home. This is a model that comes with all the bells and whistles including a skin sensor, pulse counter, energy level option and lock features.

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Braun Gillette Venus Silk Expert IPL 5001 Hair Removal System Review

silk-expert-ipl-5001-hair-removal-systemThe Gillete Venus Silk IPL hair removal system offers consumers a safe way to remove hair permanently at home and without the high cost that comes with regular hair removal treatments at a salon. Most consumers reported experiencing impressive results after just one session, which is one reason this hair removal system is at the top of its class. Using the latest in IPL technology, this popular system offers a relatively pain-free solution to home hair removal.

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Remington iLIGHT Pro Hair Removal System Review

remington-ilight-pro-hair-removal-systemThe Remington iLight pro hair removal system is an affordable priced IPL device that’s FDA approved and designed to work on a variety of skin tones. It also features a fast flash rate for quicker treatment sessions. It operates with the use of light cartridges, each of which offers 1,500 flashes. This model comes with five different light treatment levels designed to work with a variety of skin tones and hair colors.

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