Braun Gillette Venus Silk Expert IPL 5001 Hair Removal System Review

silk-expert-ipl-5001-hair-removal-systemThe Gillette Venus silk hair removal system features a design that’s similar to professional laser devices used in salons. This model has been clinically tested and is equipped with a unique skin tone sensor that ensures that you use the right type of light intensity for the most effective, safest treatment.

Purchasing an expensive, high tech hair removal system can be exciting and a little risky. Many of these devices seem to be hit or miss in terms of effectiveness, which can heavily depend on skin tone and hair color. But some products also focus on hair texture, making it less effective for people with coarser hair.

This is one of those systems that received a mixed review in regards to treatment results. While some consumers were very satisfied, others complained that they didn’t get the same type of results they would enjoy when getting the same kind of treatment at their salon.

Braun Gillette Overview

This model by Gillette Venus features the fastest IPL technology, which allows the user to treat an arm or leg in less than eight minutes and all without compromising the effectiveness of the treatment.

According to consumer feedback, over ninety percent of users noticed results after just a few months. Consumers can also rest assured that there are no hidden costs involved.

This is a corded device, which means you won’t have to wait for it to charge in order to finish treatment, which is a common issue with rechargeable models. This is a very straightforward device with no complicated instructions or attachments.

Inside the box you’ll also find the popular Venus razor, so you’ll have everything you need for the hair removal process from start to finish.

Before you use this device, it’s important that the area you’re treating is shaved, so you can use the included razor to prepare the area. Once you have finished shaving, dry the area, plug in the device and get started.

Laser Hair Removal Device Pros and Cons

braun-gillette-venus-silk-expert-ipl-5001-hair-removal-systemPros: Most consumers were pleasantly surprised at just how easy this device is to use. Once the machine is powered on, place the head directly onto the skin and the skin light meter will light up. This is where the device gets very high tech. This model comes with Senso Adapt, a skin tone sensor that’s designed to detect your specific skin tone and give it the right amount of light needed for effective and safe results. This is what gives consumers confidence regarding the effectiveness of this hair removal system. Trying to figure out the light intensity on your own can be a little intimidating and you need the right light level for good results. This model helps by taking all the guesswork out of the process and does the important calculation for you. Once the head of the device has been placed on the desired treatment area, you’ll just need to click the button and the machine will begin delivering the light instantly, producing a red light that alerts you when the process is complete. Users will need to keep moving the device and repeat the process on other parts of the body until the entire area has been treated. When it comes to pain, most consumers reported that it was minor. In fact, consumers often described it as a quick rubber band slap and it happens so fast that it doesn’t even slow down the process.

Other consumers noted that after a few treatments they noticed major changes.

Users will really start to notice changes after a period of a month. By this time a large amount of hair follicles will be completely gone. This device is best suited for dark hair and people with fair skin. Treating a full leg will only take about eight minutes. It will require just ninety minutes for a full body treatment that can last up to six months. Underarm treatments take less than a minute. With this device, power and safety are always in perfect balance. The innovative skin tone sensor will check and choose the perfect level of light intensity for every flash. This model offers the quickest treatment times available. In order to reduce the intensity of the treatment consumers can choose the gentle mode, which is perfect for highly sensitive and delicate areas, such as the bikini line. Compared to other models in this price range this device is suitable for a broader range of skin types. This model also comes with an integrated UV filter for ultimate safety and it’s also FDA approved. Consumers can download the Braun Silk expert app which can help you to keep track of your progress and take advantage of the calendar and setup treatment reminders.

Cons: This model is not suited for people with darker complexions because their skin will absorb more light from the device, which means it will not be very effective. It’s also not very effective on white, gray, blonde or red hair. Some consumers felt that this purchase was a little risky considering that the results vary widely in terms of the amount of hair reduction. Other users complained that while it did slow hair growth, when the hair did return is was not lighter or finer.

Consumers who are looking for a hair removal device that has a better reputation for results can look at the Remington iLIGHT pro hair removal system, which is offered at a lower price.

Conclusion and Rating

Keep in mind that this product received quite a bit of mixed consumer feedback. The type of results you can expect will vary based on your skin tone and hair type. Even women with dark hair had complaints regarding the results. If you want to take a chance and purchase this system, be sure the seller features a good return policy. Overall, consumers who purchased and used Braun Gillette Venus Silk Expert IPL 5001 Hair Removal System gave it a high rating of four out of five stars for ease of use, the patented skin tone sensor and the treatment process.