Remington iLIGHT Pro Hair Removal System Review

ilight-pro-hair-removal-systemThe iLight pro hair removal system is a consumer favorite and one that has a lot to offer consumers in terms of convenience and results. This IPL hair removal system is a great alternative to waxing and it’s a more affordable option than professional hair removal treatments at the salon.

Home hair removal systems can be fickle and what works for one person may not work for the next. Hair thickness, hair color and skin tone will all play a role in regards to how effective treatment will be. Because this is an IPL device, it’s not recommended for darker skin tones which will only absorb the light.

In order to determine if this product is right for your skin tone you can simply checkout the manufacturer’s website which features a chart that will help you to identify which level of intensity will work best or whether you’re better off looking for a more powerful model.

Remington IPL Hair Removal System Assessment

This device uses intense pulsed light technology instead of a laser. This model is FDA approved and has also been clinically proven to significantly reduce hair growth. In fact, this model is similar to the IPL devices you’ll commonly see used at your dermatology office.

This is also a corded model which means no recharging required. This system also comes with a fast flash rate, which means that your hair removal treatments will take only half an hour each. Smaller areas will take only about ten to twenty minutes.

The iLight works much like a laser powered device, but it’s more open to different hair colors and skin tones. It’s designed for use on skin tones that range from very fair to light brown, but it will not be very effective on darker skin tones.

This model works by using a cartridge, which provides 15,000 flashes. This kind of ongoing expense was a big downside for some consumers. The cost of the cartridges ranges from twenty to thirty dollars.

This device works the best on people with fine dark hair and light skin, which is a great combination. The darker the hair, the more effective treatments will be. The iLight should not be used for facial treatments. Users should also shave before each session. The closer a shave the less pain and discomfort you’ll experience during a treatment.

While hair reduction will not last for a lifetime, you’ll only have to use this device once every six months for maintenance, after you have completed the first round of treatments.

The hair remover offers five light levels for ultimate results. You should begin at the first level to see how it feels, moving up gradually. The higher the level the stronger the light intensity, which is ideal for coarser hair.

Level four is recommended for the bikini area and upper thighs. The highest level should be used for the legs for maximum efficiency.

There have been some side effects reported, but all were minor in nature. Skin redness and increased skin sensitivity which is comparable to a sunburn, can be expected after the first treatment. This side effect will only last for two to three days.

iLight Pros and Cons

remington-ilight-pro-hair-removal-systemPros: This model provides faster results than past IPL devices produced by Remington. It also requires less sessions than other models in this price range and features a longer power cord. FDA approved this is a safe IPL home based system that features a long run time and allows you to treat the entire body in just ninety minutes. This model is an improved version of the Pro Plus and is offered at a lower price. This device utilizes light energy in order to disable hair follicle growth and all without breaking your bank and requiring you to leave the comfort of your home. It includes a two centimeter rectangular head, which is one of the largest heads on a home model. Only four flashes per square inch of skin is required. You can use this to determine how many cartridges you’ll need to use per session. Treatment will not result in serious burns or side effects and does not require the use of additional gels or creams. The fact it doesn’t require a charge before use is also a huge bonus for most users.

The extra-long cord allows the user to move around freely and the cord itself is very flexible. Considered one of the best machines on the market, most consumers can benefit from the full results in as little as three months. This may seem like a long time for some users, but it’s definitely worth it to enjoy a life without waxing and shaving.

Cons: The biggest downside is the fact that this model will not work for all skin types and hair colors. People will coarser hair may not experience ideal results. Because it’s an IPL device, users with darker complexions will not experience impressive results.  Some consumers felt that this model should come with more than just one cartridge.

Consumers searching for a hair removal system that’s laser powered and offers more versatility can take a closer look at the Tria Beauty hair removal laser, which is offered at a higher price but it has a reputation for effectiveness and quality.

Remington Pro Conclusion and Rating

To sum it up, Remington iLIGHT Pro Hair Removal System is easy to use and features a straightforward hair removal process that’s simple and effective. The longer cord was a huge selling point and one which allows you to move around more freely in order to get your treatment completed faster. With a hair removal system that allows you to do your entire body in one sitting without waiting for the device to recharge, it comes as no surprise that this model is often out of stock. Consumers who purchased this device gave it an impressive rating of four and a half out of five stars for ease of use, longer cord, FDA approval and overall quality.