Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser Review

beauty-hair-removal-laser-by-triaThe Tria hair removal laser is an FDA approved product that allows you to try laser hair removal in the comfort of your home. This device is equipped with advanced features designed to provide permanent, professional results that lasts for several months.

This is a product many consumers are excited about and one that they’ll definitely take the time to research. Who wouldn’t love to buy a product that actually works to remove body hair via laser and permanently? But there are so many products on the market that claim to do just that, and because of this, many men and women are hesitant to fork over the kind of cash the manufacturer is charging for a product they claim is one of a kind.

However, with the amount of positive feedback received from consumers, there’s really no doubt that this is one laser hair removal device that can actually deliver the type of results you’re looking for.

Tria Beauty Rundown

This device is equipped with a professional strength laser that utilizes the latest in hair removal technology. The manufacturer claims that this product can deliver seventy percent hair reduction in as little as three months.

The laser works by targeting pigments in the hair and disabling the follicle’s ability to regrow permanently. The pulse counter and digital display ensures that the user gets the best results possible.

In fact, this model is the first FDA approved at home laser removal product.

Before use we recommend reading the included user’s manual which details how this product works, how to use it and basic maintenance needs.

The large LED display makes it easy for the user to navigate the features and settings including comfort settings, pulse counter, skin sensor, lock features and energy level.

When you first begin using the device you’ll need to choose which level to use. Most users will quickly go from level one to five, which is the most effective level and ideal for users with coarser hair.

Consumers with a low pain tolerance should begin at the first level and work their way up. We recommend purchasing a numbing cream, which can significantly help to make treatments more tolerable.

The device uses a laser called a diode ray, which is said to be the most effective, safest and permanent laser for hair removal. The manufacturer states that this device should not be used on light, gray or red hair.

The internal skin tone sensor works to ensure you don’t make any mistakes in terms of skin tone and end up injuring yourself. This is a great automatic feature that’s perfect for the novice.

This model does not come with bulky equipment or power cords and instead must be placed on its charger prior to use. You can expect about forty minutes of use per charge. This amount of charge time is perfect for small areas but you may need to charge it a couple of times in order to do both legs. It only takes the device half an hour to recharge.

This device can be used on the entire body including the face and bikini area. The included hair color and skin tone chart will help you to identify the level of laser power to use for the most effective treatment.

This model is also one of the only devices that’s backed a hundred percent by clinical trials for home laser hair removal products. The type of technology used is very similar to what’s used at a salon or dermatology office, which means you’ll get the most permanent results from a home laser device.

Laser Hair Removal Device Pros and Cons

tria-beauty-hair-removal-laserPros: Consumers were very satisfied with this product, stating they could see impressive results after the first treatment. The manufacturer claims that it will take approximately six weeks before you experience the ultimate results for body parts and four weeks for facial areas. During these weeks of treatment consumers found that not only did hair growth slowdown, but the hair that did grow back was much finer. While this product is priced a little higher than other laser hair removal devices on the market, it can essentially save you thousands of dollars a year that is otherwise spent on costly laser hair removal treatments at a doctor’s office or spa. This product was also developed by the same scientists that invented the kind of lasers used in salons and it has a reputation for being one of the safest models on the market.

Cons: The fact that this device is rechargeable and not hardwired was a downside for some consumers, but it wasn’t a deal breaker, especially considering the relatively fast recharge time. If you have a low tolerance for pain then you’ll definitely struggle with consistently using this model, because basically, it hurts. A lot. There were plenty of complaints from consumers who were totally new to laser hair removal, regarding the amount of pain they experienced during treatment. But really, you’ll experience the same amount of pain when you go to a professional for the same type of treatment. As we have mentioned, using a numbing gel or ointment can really help with pain management during treatment and Tria sells their own line of laser numbing agents, which are sold separately.

The price was a big downside for many consumers. If you’re looking for a more budget friendly model you can take a look at the Braun Gillette Venus Silk Intense Pulsed Light hair removal system.

Tria Beauty Conclusion and Rating

This model may seem a bit on the expensive side, but with its reputation for being the safest and most effective laser hair removal product on the market, it’s definitely worth every penny.  After using the Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser for the recommended amount of time you’ll never need to wax or shave again. Consumers who purchased this device gave it a rating of five out of five stars, which makes it our top rated product and probably one of the best laser hair removal devices around.